ATCA Grounds with Covers
Date of Event : Wed Nov 1, 2017 9:13AM

Covers to be used by clubs as of 19th January 2018
Payneham - Payneham Oval
Grange - Grange Oval # 1
Goodwood - Goodwood Oval
Goodwood - Cabra East
Marion - Marion Oval # 1
Marion - Marion Oval # 2
Reynella - Reynella Oval
Para Hills - Silver Stream Oval No 1
Old Scotch - Scotch College
Trinity OS - Waldeck Oval
Woodville South - Ledger Reserve
Port District - Largs Reserve
Woodville Rechabite - Matheson Reserve
Flinders Park - Flinders Park Oval
Walkerville - Walkerville Oval
PAOC - Park #9

The ATCA on notification by clubs that covers will be available for use, as per bylaw D6 (a) may use its discretion to not abandoned games where the rest of the competition is abandoned.

Last updated: Thursday March 8, 2018 10:40AM
Author: David Heyzer