Reminder to Clubs of the ATCA Match Day Consumption Alcohol Policy
Date of Event : Sat Oct 7, 2017 11:34AM



Depending on the circumstances, non-compliance with this policy may constitute a breach of ATCA Bylaws. Those who fail to comply with this policy may face disciplinary action. 

The ATCA in extending the Spirit of Cricket to embrace all things great about this game both on and off the playing arena looks to restore a tradition of bygone years of socialising at games end. To this end we would like to highlight to all clubs that the current accepted practice these days of clubs sitting within opposition change rooms/grounds and having a drink amongst team mates only serves to create further tension amongst clubs.  
Statement of Policy 

Opposition clubs where players involved in the scheduled match consume alcohol within the ground without prior permission from the home teams Club Secretary will initially see a fine not exceeding $50 imposed on the offending club. The fine will increase further for each repeat offence. At all times in granting permission for the taking of alcohol onto premises/grounds, the respective club must themselves be mindful of their obligations under the Liquor Licensing Act and as such are solely responsible for the governance of such laws.  

We understand that all clubs don’t have the advantage of having license premises so where this is the case, the visiting team can:

1) Accept an invitation into the home teams change rooms for a chat and a quick drink;

2) Accept an invitation (no obligation) from the home team to have a drink at the home team’s off site licensed or sponsored premises;

3) Head straight off to their club.

Last updated: Thursday March 22, 2018 4:16PM
Author: David Heyzer