Important ATCA Announcement
Date of Event : Wed Aug 9, 2017 10:37AM

Official Supplier Licenses - On-Field Apparel

At a recent Board of Management meeting the decision to move away from the preferred supplier model to offering four Official Supplier Licenses for On-Field Apparel was finalized.

The ATCA is pleased to announce the four successful applicants are Beastwear, Fullhammer, JS Sports and Sportscentre.

The agreement is for a period of three years with the first 12 months used as a transition period. The above four suppliers have offered the best financial gain to the association and clubs. Clubs are now required to purchase all Senior, T20 and Junior On-Field apparel through an approved ATCA Supplier.

Clubs that have a current agreement in place outside the four certified licensed suppliers will be given   3 weeks to inform the association of such agreements and provide proof of the agreement. Clubs that supply that proof will be not be expected to break their current contract but an end date will need to be negotiated with the ATCA.  

The above decision is made with the association clubs survival at the forefront of the ATCA. Currently 65% of ATCA income is generated through clubs via affiliation fees. The above proposal is a bid to reverse this trend so that sponsorship dollars generated will form the bulk of income within the next three years. The ATCA will be looking to amend its bylaws that will further outline guidelines for non-compliant clubs.

Match Balls Licensed Suppliers

The process of finalizing Match Ball Licenses will be delayed for 12 months with the ATCA in current negotiation with Kookaburra Sports in a bid to deliver a better outcome to clubs. The purchase of cricket balls will not be limited to any particular supplier, but must still be a Kookaburra ball branded with the ATCA Logo.


Last updated: Wednesday August 9, 2017 11:10AM
Author: David Heyzer