ATCA Policy - Suspect Actions
Date of Event : Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:53PM

Over the last few months in some of the non-umpired grades players acting as umpires have called bowlers for chucking. I addressed this issue at the last LO captains and Junior Coordinators meeting and would like to inform the other grades of the process to be followed.  While the ATCA is not tolerating of bowlers with suspicious actions the captains or umpires are requested the bowler is not called during the game.

The captain or umpire is asked to report the incident to the ATCA  where a notation will be made in the first instance and if a second notation of the same player is received the ATCA will then contact the club to discuss remedial action.

Clubs do have a duty of care to make sure players within your club are giving the appropriate assistance if deemed the player has a suspicious action.   


Last updated: Saturday March 24, 2018 10:17AM
Author: David Heyzer